The World Collection of moosestamps

This site aims to be the place where you can find the most complete collection of stamps with a picture of a moose (Alces alces).

Recent additions:
Sweden posterstamp
Estonia 2011
Scotland Grunay
Jämtland 1992

You can contribute to this collection by sending me additions. If you have more information of a certain stamp or if you have a stamp that is not on this site, please let me know. I will add your additions or suggestions and will honour your work by giving you credit. Thus you will be part of the people to make my goal of being as complete as possible come closer.

Special thanks to Chris Grauert, Fairfax, USA, who was so kind to share his collection with mine and made this collection richer and even more interesting.

Please send me your comments, suggestions or additions to

Joop Bierling
Houten, Utrecht, The Netherlands
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The Worlds Virtual Moosestamp CollectionThis site aims is to be the place where all the stamps of the world with a picture of a moose (Alces alces) is on exhibition.You can contribute to a complete collection by sending us additions to this address:stamps@alces.nlYou can give us more information of the stamps of this mooseum, or in te case of stamps not shown on this site send us a picture with all the data you know.We will honour your contribution by given you credit to your work. Thus you will be part of the people who will make our goal come closer.Joop Bierling, Houten, Utrecht The Netherlands © 2010